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Trying Out Private Selection’s Green Tea Matcha Latte Instant Mix

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It’s Tea Time

  • more Matcha Green Latte!
  • the box is quite beautifully designed, non?
  • has the characteristic bright green color we expect from Matcha
  • I kind of really like this mug, especially the contrast with the tea. ?
  • I actually stirred this with a spoon as I have still not gotten the bamboo whisk that is used specifically for making Matcha
  • This tea comes pre-sweetened. The box says it contains sugar cane
  • Mesmerizing isn’t it?
  • Private Selection’s Matcha Green Tea Latte Instant Mix. Get it from Amazon or a local grocery store. ?


2 Responses

  • Looks good, but be careful of all the additives…
    If you look at a brand like Rishi Matcha Latte, the only ingredients are cane sugar and matcha, nothing else.

    • I haven’t heard of this brand, but I’ll check it out. I’ve also been experimenting with using organic matcha powder and making lattes “from scratch”, which has been pretty interesting, though tricky thus far.

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