1. Strawberries

Strawberries are one of those ground covers that really will take over an area in a (relatively) short amount of time. Of course, this means that you can have more strawberries, or they are easily removed with pulling. For the more diligent, you can prune off the runners before they have a chance to set down new roots wherever they are running off to.

Strawberries are super easy to grow and in some areas, will be green year round, producing a thick meadow of luscious leaves that provide a beautiful shade to the ground to help protect it from harsh winds and the hot sun.

2. Sweet Potatoes

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3. (Savory) Potatoes

4. Pumpkins

Pumpkins are so eager to grow that when I moved to a new city, bringing along my composting felt planter which had the remnants of my pumpkin harvest from the year before, I dumped that compost in my new yard, and pumpkins sprouted the next spring!

These happy vines provide a wonderful, shady environment for soil life and also help keep the roots of trees cooler and more moist throughout hot summers, reducing the need for watering. Pumpkins can be grown in vertical gardens to save ground space, which is not a bad idea at all considering that pumpkin vines can be irritating to a lot of people’s skin.

5. Canary Melon, Honeydew Melon, Water Melon

Choose your flavor. They are all easy to grow.

6. Spinach

Whether you grow a perennial (summer/warm season) or annual (cool season) spinach, they are all easy to grow, will produce a ton of food, and make beautiful, luscious ground covers. You can even grow the perennial/warm season spinaches during the summer and then grow your cool season spinaches to be able to grow different types of this nutritious green in multiple seasons.

7. Beijing Grass | Angel Grass

8. Chives

9. Tea Berry

A beautiful evergreen shrub that produces red berries that are minty.

10. Arctic Raspberry

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