Semi-Hydroponic Planters For ZZ and Zenzi

Both the ZZ and Zenzi, being of the same plant family, have vigorous root structures topped by large, bulbous rhizomes that are used for storing water, giving the ZZ and Zenzi house plants the ability to go long periods of time without having to be watered. With that said, it is important to keep in mind that the ZZ and Zenzi also need to become established in their planters with adequate roots, nutrition, and watering before they reach the stability needed to be very drought tolerant.

Due to the size of these bulbous rhizomes, it is best to choose wide containers for your ZZ or Zenzi in order to have plenty of space for these rhizomes and for the growth of plenty of roots. Most any container that can hold water can become a wonderful choice to turn into a leca, semi-hydroponic planter.

Fertilizing Your ZZ and Zenzi Semi-Hydro House Plants

One of the best things about growing plants in leca clay balls is how aerated the leca keeps the roots of your plants. This allows us plant parents who are often a little overzealous with overwatering, a fail-safe for plants that do not like to be heavily watered. I mention this because to unlock the true, fast growth that can be achieved by ZZ and Zenzi plants with far less effort and without the worry of overwatering, they need to be fertilized regularly.

Every time I water ZZ and Zenzi plants growing in leca, they get fertilized. I do this by collecting the fish water from my aquariums and use it to fertilize and water my house plants all in one, easy, organic method.

How much sunlight do my ZZ and Zenzi semi-hydroponic house plants need?

Well, despite ZZ and Zenzi being well known as low-light house plants, it will be difficult to achieve the fastest, most fabulous growth without adequate sunlight. The rule of thumb I follow for my ZZ and Zenzi plants is: the less sunlight the plants have, the less I water/fertilize.

Since all plants use water and nutrients with the energy provided by sunlight to grow new stalks, leaves, and roots, the less sunlight is available to your plants, the slower this process will be.

At the moment, spring is quickly approaching, which means my urban jungle is receiving more and more sunlight from its windows. The plants’ growth has increased without me having to do anything else to them.

For drought-tolerant plants like ZZ and Zenzi, this increased growth does not necessarily mean that you should increase your watering/fertilizing routine, but if you are looking for the most stunning growth from your leca, semi-hydroponic plants, you should aim to always keep an inch of water/fertilizer in the reservoir of your leca planter.

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