Close Up Of Culms of Stone Bamboo In Natural Sunlight

Beautiful Perennial Companion Plants For Stone Bamboo (Phyllostachys Angusta)

Just because your Stone Bamboo is big, bold, and beautiful doesn't mean it can't be complemented by equally bold companion plants that support the growth of your lovely, ornamental running bamboo, support bees, birds, and other wildlife, and just really fill in and round out your garden or landscape.
Home is a Jungle where we grow food forests, house plants, keep cats, and raise ducks

Gorgeous Companion Plants To Pair With Japanese Blood Grass 'Red Baron' In The Cottagecore Garden

When the goal is to create a stunning, naturalized, perennial garden that requires less and less work every year to maintain as plants fill in by reseeding, spreading, and being split and propagated, adding perennial grasses to your cottagecore garden can not only help fill in and soften spaces between your flowers and shrubs and trees, but grasses like the Red Baron Blood Grass can also give you more color to add even more interest to your garden. Here is a list of companion plants that will pair well with such a bold and vigorously growing perennial grass and add even more beauty to your perennial garden while also attracting hummingbirds, bees, and birds.
Taro, Edible Elephant Ear growing in the permaculture food forest

How To Use Fast-Growing Companion Plants To Build Soil In The Food Forest

Building soil fertility organically can be labor-intensive. With these plants and agroforestry methods, you can reduce labor and speed up soil building in a natural way.
Purple Tree Collard Cutting Growing Leaves in Worm Castings and Planter

Edible Companion Plants For Hostas In The Food Garden

Growing hostas for food? Increase your food harvests by adding these food-producing fruit and vegetable plants to your edible landscape.
Leaf of 1 gallon Giant Leaf Bamboo Plant

Edible Companion Plants For Giant Leaf Bamboo In The Permaculture Landscape

Using Indocalamus tessellatus to zone push, provide protection from cold and sun, and increase food harvests in the edible landscape.
Goji berries growing on goji berry bush companion planted with sweet potatoes

Ducks Love Eating Potatoes and Sweet Potatoes

Potatoes seem to be one of the few things I've given my own Indian Runner Ducks thus far that are definitely on the "sink" side of "sink or swim". Unlike many other foods that can be fed to your edible landscape ducks by tossing them directly into the pond, potatoes are not one of those things.
Home is a Jungle where we grow food forests, house plants, keep cats, and raise ducks

Little Volcano Bush Clover: Companion Plants For The Edible Landscape

The theme for finding edible companion plants for your Lespedeza liukiuensis is pink, purple, perennial, edible, delicious. Because edible landscapes can also be beautiful.
Blue Indian Runner Duckling Showing Off His Cute, Pink Webbed Feet

The Planted Duck Coop: Creating Sustainable, Low Maintenance Living Spaces For Water Fowl

When we add plants that continually suck up the moisture left behind from duck excrement and the vigorous dunking of duck heads in the watering bucket to keep the duck coop floor drier, we are creating a planted septic system that keeps the duck house cleaner while producing organic soil for the landscape. As those plants' roots spread and continue to grow, overlapping atop each other, they add more cushion and "new bedding" to the duck coop, with no additional work.
camellia sinensis tea bush flowering

Companion Plants For The Tea Plant (Camellia Sinensis) In The Edible Landscape

We're increasing humidity, training vines, and growing more food, using the Tea Plant, so what shall we plant with our precious Camellia Sinesis so that we can get tea and food all in the same place?
camellia sinensis tea bush flowering

Permaculture Tips For Growing Tea Plant (Camellia Sinensis) In The Edible Landscape

Tea plants are said to be native to (tropical) jungles so, let's mimic that environment. What I mean by that is that you need to keep your Camellia Sinensis moist, by the roots and by the leaves, in a soil with good nutrition that is also (relatively) loose. Let's get into the details of how to make that happen in order to maximize your Tea Plant growth and get to harvesting tea leaves as soon as possible.
philodendron house plant growing in tea pot with leca clay balls

The Ultimate Riparium Plant List For Plant Lovers & Fish Keepers

A list of plants that will thrive in a Walstad Method fish tank to help soak up excess fish waste and balance your low tech aquarium.
Indian Runner Ducks Waiting Impatiently To Be Fed Organic Asparagus

Companion Plants For Inland Sea Oats That Help Improve Duck & Chicken Foraging

You don't have to grow more food to make sure your homestead flock has access to plenty of grubs and bugs, but it definitely helps. Try a combination of these food producing and ornamental plants to bring more bugs to your birds, while still allowing your ducks and chickens to organically fertilize your soil.

How To Grow River Oats (Sea Oats, Chasmanthium Latifolium) As A Sustainable Duck Feed In The Permaculture Edible Landscape

Why grow Sea Oats, also commonly known as River Oats, as duck (or chicken) feed? Well, in the journey to being more sustainable, it becomes far cheaper to be able to grow as many foods for your food forest birds as possible. But more on that later, let's hop into growing this sustainable, perennial grain source in your edible landscape, homestead, or farm.

13 Fun Ways To Grow An Urban Jungle In a Small Space

Even in a small space, it is possible to grow a lush, green jungle of big and beautiful house plants to purify the air and enhance the environment of your living space.

Tips For Training Your Ducks To Use A Coop Ramp

It has been along, tiring journey of chasing down insolent Indian Runner Ducks, hopping plants, sliding in mud, and generally being frustrated about the ducks' resistance to walking the ramp up into the duck house. Part of what made this journey so frustrating was that the ducks began to gather beneath the duck house after only a few days of living in it, which to me said they obviously understand that they knew where they were supposed to go for bed time, but did not understand how to "get upstairs". They'd look up at the place where they were supposed to be with adorable confusion on their faces and when I'd come outside around sunset to help them get to the top, they'd run away and come back as long as I wasn't nearby. 😭😭😭😭😭
Growing figs is an easy, rewarding food harvest that will give you the chance to discover for yourself just how sweet and soft figs are supposed to be.

How To Grow Figs and Care For Fig Trees

Growing figs is an easy, rewarding food harvest that will give you the chance to discover for yourself just how sweet and soft figs are supposed to be.

How To Know When Your Walstad Method (Planted Fish Tank) Is Cycled And Ready For Fish

Trust the algae. The fact that algae--a living, aquatic plant-- can grow, and possibly thrive, in your planted fish tank, is a visual signal to you, the future fish keeper, that your aquarium is now capable of sustaining life. Algae signals to you that enough aquatic bacteria has built up to process the nutrients in your fish tank, into something that the aquatic plants can use. This is important because your fish need a stable environment where the aquatic plants are constantly sucking the fish waste from the water to create more plants to complete the "aquatic circle of life", which includes the aquatic plants producing the oxygen in the water column that the fish need to survive.

How To Create A Planted Walstad Method Tank That Is Easy to Maintain

No pond or ocean created a stable ecosystem for its watery inhabitants overnight, and neither should you.

How to Care For The Carnivorous Pitcher Plant (Monkey Cup, Nepenthes)

Since the pitcher plant is native to bogs and swamps, here are tips on how to mimic their natural environment for maximum growth solo or as part of an urban jungle.
A Handful of Freshly Picked Organic Crimson King Red Raspberries in a Permaculture Food Forest

Top 10 Ground Covers to Easily Grow Organic Food the Permaculture Way

When you're looking to increase your food harvests by growing food in every available space, here are some ground-dwelling edible plants to help make that happen.

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