How-to Baby Step Your Way Into a Water Fast

You may have attempted to go cold turkey, so to speak, from food and dove feet first into a water fast. The first few hours,

The Struggle of Beginning Fasting: Understanding the Side Effects

Fatigue. All I feel is tired today. Tired and the familiar achy feeling I get in my joints after I haven’t fasted in a long

How Day One of Water Fasting Feels to Someone With Poor Eating Habits

You feel fine…at first. If you’re lucky. You’re feeling on top of the world and like you can handle anything. You’re thinking to yourself, “This

Should We Embrace the Sushi Burrito or Hold Tight to Tradition?

So, should we? Really,  Americans snatching up the cuisine of other cultures and turning them into something new, is nothing new. America has always had

a chant that will take you to higher places

Let go of your earthly tether. Enter the void. Empty, and become air. –The Legend of Korra 

How to Use Chinese Meditation Balls Like a Boss

Okay… I have not been able to accomplish this level of awesomeness with my own meditation balls, but I can tell you that I have

Fasting for Emotional Health

They say that every person that you sleep with, is another person you share energy with, but what happens when someone is poison? Should you

Haikus About Haiku

somehow you squeezed me into this brief seventeen I still feel complete   there are words, there is poetry      within these words beginning

Some Haiku About Sushi

you are always wrapped up in something fishy; please, behave yourself. with your rice walls, you have fed a million people,  feed a million more. weed

Join me in this lovely journey of self-discovery and reclaimation of happiness, health, and well-being.
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