Home is a Jungle where we grow food forests, house plants, keep cats, and raise ducks

Stunning Companion Plants For Ghost (Angel Mist) Bamboo

Dendrocalamus minor 'Amoenus' is a very large bamboo that is the smallest of its bamboo subgroup. It has a lovely bluish greyish white hue that gives it its common names of Ghost and Angel Mist Bamboo. Like all bamboos, it can be left to grow to its full height or kept as a shorter hedge by topping it after the culms have grown in and hardened off. It is a lovely and bold choice for an evergreen privacy fence to make neighbors disappear and helps to improve noise pollution from traffic and passerbys by absorbing and softening sound.
Asparagus spears growing on the asparagus plant in the edible landscape

Cottagecore Lawn Replacement Plants To Attract Birds, Bees, Butterflies, & Hummingbirds

Destroy your lawn and plant these pollinator-attracting plants to support bees, hummingbirds, moths, and other beneficial insects while reducing the costs and labor of maintaining a traditional grass lawn.
The Giant Leaf Bamboo being grown as a house plant is ready for a planter upgrade as it is now very root bound and in need of more space.

Grow Your Own Basket Weaving Fibers With These Lovely Perennial Plants

When you wish to practice sustainability while sequestering carbon while being able to grow something useful to all your crafting endeavors while also saving money, practicing gardening, saving bees, supporting butterflies, and feeding hummingbirds-- try growing your own basket weaving fibers and be one step closer to nature while doing your part to save the earth.
Home is a Jungle where we grow food forests, house plants, keep cats, and raise ducks

Furbulous DIY Ideas For Your Cats' Catio

When you want to take being a cat parent to its natural extreme, you build your cats a catio. Now that you've decided to do so, you'll need to fill your outdoor cat room with things you--and your cat(s)-- will love for happier pets and a happier you.
Blue Runner Duck Attempts To Steal Organic Asparagus From Duck Keeper

My Indian Runner Ducks Ate My Asparagus (How To Prevent Your Ducks From Eating Your Asparagus)

So I went looking for my asparagus patches and, LO AND BEHOLD, there were some asparagus spears sticking up...and they were missing their tops. I became immediately suspicious of a certain flock of birds. Anytime anything goes missing, it is usually because it has been turned into duck fertilizer. The ducks do not wait for your permission to pounce on delicious things. This meant I had to figure out yet another way to prevent them from eating another plant. This learning curve has been ROUGH.
Indian Runner Ducks Waiting Impatiently To Be Fed Organic Asparagus

Why You Should Not Purchase A “Straight Run” Of Chicks, Ducklings, Or Goslings

The “straight run” of most every place that sells chicks, ducklings, and goslings are the “leftover” birds after the sexed chicks have been separated out for sale. Due to the aggressive and overbearing nature of male birds (roosters and drakes) and their inability to lay eggs, they often make up the majority of the birds left behind after the selling off of the egg-laying female birds.
Home is a Jungle where we grow food forests, house plants, keep cats, and raise ducks

Edible And Ornamental Companion Plants For Dark Star Elephant Ear Alocasia

Whether you are growing the Dark Star Alocasia as part of your pond's wetland or in your garden, there are wonderful plants, both edible and ornamental to help turn your garden into planted art.
philodendron house plant growing in cast iron tea pot using leca clay balls

Easy Vining House Plants To Grow Your Urban Jungle FAST

If your goal is to grow an urban jungle in the next few months, with the least amount of effort, choosing from some of these vining house plants will give you the lush, green jungle that you are looking for without having to keep up with 87 different plants.
Home is a Jungle where we grow food forests, house plants, keep cats, and raise ducks

Make Your Rain Garden Cottagecore With These Perfect Perennials

Let's rain garden the permaculture way with lovely perennials that support birds, bees, and water filtration.
Waffles the Indian Runner Duckling and her duck keeper

Why Your Natural Duck Pond Needs A Pea Gravel Floor And Wetland

Got a duck pond without a pond liner? Welcome to a new battle against the vigorous and chaotic nature of waterfowl. Learning to harness the true power of adding ducks to your edible landscape or food garden is a steep learning curve. We're duck parents now and are on the journey to creating the most quacktastic duck pond we are able to.
Giant Leaf Bamboo palnted pond-side in the wetland area of a duck pond

Stunning Pond Plants To Stabilize Pond Edges and Prevent Erosion

Who said saving your pond from filling in from ever-caving sides, mudslides, and and other unfortunate erosion problems had to limit you to cattails and sedges? Spice up your pond and keep your pond's wetland stable with these beautiful--and sometimes edible--perennial plant choices.
Jungle Val (vallisneria americana) starter plants

How To Grow Giant Jungle Val (Vallisneria Americana) In A Natural Duck Pond

Tips for planting Jungle Val (Eelgrass, Water Celery) in an unlined, clay pond, adding pond soil amendments to keep it alive and thriving, and maximize growth for use as a sustainable duck feed.
Close Up Of Culms of Stone Bamboo In Natural Sunlight

Rain Garden Plants For Your Permaculture Food Forest

Maximize your food harvests by making the most of the rain. These food-growing plants love heavy watering.
Close Up Of Culms of Stone Bamboo In Natural Sunlight

Exquisite Companion Plants For Golden Oregano (Origanum Vulgare 'Aureum')

Golden Oregano is a glowing, shrubby-like perennial that smells amazing, helps protect the soil from baking in the summer sun, and can thrive in full sun or partial shade, making it great filler plant to squeeze into all the crevices of your garden or landscape.
Home is a Jungle where we grow food forests, house plants, keep cats, and raise ducks

Gorgeous Companion Plants For Thai Black Banana

This list of companion plants for the beautiful Thai Black Banana plant include both, edible and ornamental plants that are wonderful choices for a food garden/forest, or a lovely landscape.
Home is a Jungle where we grow food forests, house plants, keep cats, and raise ducks

Pond-Side Companion Plants For Blue Arrows Rush (Juncus Inflexus)

When using Blue Arrows Rush o other rushes or grass-like plants to add soil stability to the sides of a natural clay pond, there are some beautiful companion plants that will help you get the job done. Sometimes these plants are edible as we do like to grow things here on Home Is A Jungle so there are plant choices for every pond-lover looking for something exciting for their wetland pond area.
Home is a Jungle where we grow food forests, house plants, keep cats, and raise ducks

How To Grow Red Alligator Flag (Thalia geniculata 'Ruminoides') In A Natural Pond

Planting the Red Alligator Flag into the sides of an unlined, natural pond can help to protect your pond's side from eroding back into the pond, which makes your pond shallower and the pond's water less clear. This upright plant has a robust roost system that clings onto the soil it is planted in, keeping it well in place despite the rise and fall of the pond's water level.
Home is a Jungle where we grow food forests, house plants, keep cats, and raise ducks

How To Grow Hornwort (Coon Tail) As A Sustainable Duck Feed

Hornwort also known as Coon Tail for its puffy, long structure, is an excellent choice for a sustainable food source for ducks which can easily be grown with or without a duck pond. Since Hornwort does not need to be planted and grows in the water column as a floating, yet submersed, plant, simply breaking off a piece of it will start a whole new plant. This comes in handy as whatever is left behind by the ducks will regrow itself into more and more plants, which means you can grow more and more of it in plastic tubs or other ponds, where it will help to keep the water clean by absorbing nutrients from the water.
Home is a Jungle where we grow food forests, house plants, keep cats, and raise ducks

Easy, Low Maintenance, Self-Watering Set-Ups For The Urban Jungle

Keeping up with your 301 house plants can be a true labor of love. Love your house plants more and labor less by adding some of these self-watering gadgets to your urban jungle set-up and grow more plants happily.
Zizi Zenzii House Plant Growing In Leca Clay Ball Substrate

Tips For Growing ZZ & Zenzi House Plants In Leca Clay Balls

Both the ZZ and Zenzi, being of the same plant family, have vigorous root structures topped by large, bulbous rhizomes that are used for storing water, giving the ZZ and Zenzi house plants the ability to go long periods of time without having to be watered. With that said, it is important to keep in mind that the ZZ and Zenzi also need to become established in their planters with adequate roots, nutrition, and watering before they reach the stability needed to be very drought tolerant.

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