Strawberry Watermelon Lemonade 

In an effort to get rid of the other half of this watermelon and to also try something new, I ended up blending the watermelon

Boiled Potato Cuts Are Perfect for Breakfast,  Lunch, and Dinner

Alright. One of the things we always keep in the house for their relatively long shelf life (in comparison to most other fruits and vegetables)

Music that will soothe your soul

The handpan. I first came across this beautifully simple, yet resonant instrument during my travels in Europe three years ago. Though back then, my only

a quote for when you want to feel comfortable with change

i walk into a poem and walk out someone else. –nayyirah waheed   Be sure to check out my books and support my writing. 🙂

The Sleepy Art of Meditation from a Frustrated Individual Who Had to Learn How to Relax

As a dancer used to the exquisite torture of hardcore ballet, hiphop, African, modern, and baton classes, I, at first did not see the what

Peanut Butter, Apple Juice, Banana Smoothie

In my quest to rid myself of these bananas and take meal replacement to more-fulfilling level, I remembered making peanut butter smoothies half a century

My First Ever Crock Pot Recipe: Mushroom and Tomato, Chicken Soup

I have no great kitchen skills. I am not all that great at cutting up meats or vegetables, I have nearly lost quite a few

Why I’m Going to Say No to Fried Sushi

Fried sushi. Another new-ish phenomenon, more than likely created by Americans seeking to assimilate the already popular sushi obsession into American culture. How do we

Fruit-Flavored Cups to Help Increase Water Consumption

Watch this video. Now I’ll talk about it. The body craves water. At least, it’s supposed to since we are all basically water wrapped in

Foods I Always Keep In The Kitchen

What do I keep in my kitchen on a regular basis? I’m trying mighty hard to be healthy, decrease calories, increase nutrition. Less sugar. More

Banana Yogurt and Avocado Smoothie

  Three bananas One avocado About six spoonfuls of yogurt Your favorite apple juice Peel the bananas and cut up the avocado Add those to

One Thing Every Bike Commuter Needs in Their Life: The Bike Basket

I’ve seen quite a few different methods of toting stuff along with you as you go from place to place, pedaling, ducking, dodging, and darting

Trying Out Private Selection’s Green Tea Matcha Latte Instant Mix

It’s Tea Time more Matcha Green Latte! the box is quite beautifully designed, non? has the characteristic bright green color we expect from Matcha I

This Avocado Smoothie Might Not Kill You

When I added avocado to my smoothie for the first time today, it was with the mindset that the terrible combination of fruity and not

Celestial Seasonings Now Has Matcha Green Tea Bags

Yes, I know matcha is traditionally made with crushed leaves that are whipped into a hot cup of water, but I must say that this

Healing Hands: The Power of Massage on Cold and Fever

I think, in general, everyone enjoys a good massage. They are well-known for helping to relieve stress and tension in the muscles, but one of

What to Expect on Day One of a Juice Fast

When I say juice, I mean something like Juicy Juice. Not a smoothie. Smoothies are more sustaining because they have pulp and flesh in them.

A short poem to get you through the darkness

​Doing too much thinking Feeling like life just might not be fair Hush, self, don’t worry now Just empty and become air.

Abdominal Strength: Thoughts From a Girl Who Has Always Been Killed By Crunches

Like I was saying, I’ve always had poor abdominal strength. Could it be possible that I have just always been too hard on myself? Maybe,

a quote for when you have lost someone and feel emotionally stuck

grieve. so that you can be free to feel something else.  -Nayyirah Waheed

Join me in this lovely journey of self-discovery and reclaimation of happiness, health, and well-being.
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