1. Golden Magic Gardenia

A lovely, spreading evergreen that grows quickly and flowers white blossoms that turn gold as they age. The new foliage is a lime green that is very bright and attractive. Golden Magic Gardenia makes for an excellent midground plant in a landscaping arrangement.

2. False Indigo (Baptisia)

A nitrogen-producing plant that produces beautiful flowers and can live 20 years, depending on the cultivar. False Indigo can help to provide more plant nutrition to other plants by sharing the nitrogen it produces with its companions. This will help to keep the plants in your rain garden growing as they will get plenty of rain in the boggy areas of your yard or garden and additional nutrition from the Baptisia.

False Indigo also comes in many colors despite its name.

3. Inland Sea Oats (Chasmanthium Latifolium)

Though Sea Oats goes by many common names, this lovely ornamental grass is great for attracting birds to your yard for its edible seeds and tall grasses that are used for nest-building. It will thrive in the moist areas of your rain garden, sucking up additional water, and doing well in shade or sun. Chasmanthium Latifolium is a wonderful choice as a filler plant for this very reason and can be squeezed into any rain garden looking to help support wildlife.

4. Golden Oregano

A lovely, spreading herb that makes a bright ground cover, Golden Oregano makes a wonderful choice for softening the rocks or pea gravel in your rain garden where it will creep across the crevices and help blend your hardscaping into your landscape.

It also produces a wonderful smell and can be used in cooking.

5. Kent Oregano

6. Japanese Sweet Flag

7. Japanese Maple Tree

8. Blood Lilies

Looking for something bright, bold, and a little unusual? Blood Lilies hit the mark on all three of those requirements and are also water-loving. Blood Lilies prefer to grow in some dappled shade but if grown in an area that stays constantly moist or receives a lot of water–like a rain garden– can do very well and flower profusely.

9. Crinum Lilies

Crinum Lilies are certainly bog lilies as they can be planted directly into the shallow sides of a pond, or, in this case, in a rain garden where they will produce beautiful flowers and put down thick roots and bulbs that help lock the soil in place and prevent erosion.

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