The theme for finding edible companion plants for your Lespedeza liukiuensis is pink, purple, perennial, edible, delicious. Because edible landscapes can also be beautiful.

1. Sweet Shoot Bamboo

2. Okinawan Spinach

3. Taro

4. Chives

The purple flowering of chives serves as a direct complement to Bush Clover.

5. Purple Asparagus

6. Purple Tree Collards

7. Purple Sweet Potatoes

Don’t get too excited, the vines are still, mostly, green, but beneath the leaves, the vines do take on a deep purple that is easily seen when the naked vines are exposed.


Ornamental sweet potato vines also make excellent companions. I grow them for my greedy garden ducks who love to eat the leaves and the new shoots.

8. Longevity Spinach

9. Peach Tree

10. Plum Tree

11. Kent Oregano

12. Purple Sugar Cane

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