1. Weeding

The constant battle of weeding feels a lot like showing up to fight Zeus with a pocket knife, but…somebody has got to do it, but it don’t got to be you.

Keeping your graden or edible landscape well-weeded reduces competition for the plants you want growing for water and nutrients, so it is certainly something you’ll want done. Of course, there’s also the added insult that wees are just aggressively unattractive so removing such unsightly things from the garden is a must-do.

2. Installing Irrigation Systems

Not trying to water by hand for the rest of eternity? Me neither! You can get a custom irrigation system for your edible landscape or garden installed by a landscaping company. Call them up, tell them what you’re looking for, get a land consult, and you will be quickly on your way to luscious, labor-free gardens year after year.

3. Building a Garden From Scratch

Whether it be a rock garden, something with a lovely walking path and trees, graveled pathways. There are so many options for starting your garden that sometimes having a couple more heads and hands in the project will help get it done.

4. Massive Plantings

Do you need a beautiful landscape filled with lillies and Japanese Maples and roses and forest grass today? Well, hiring a landscaping company can get that done for you. Who else is going to dig 300 bulb holes a foot deep and install 18 dogwoods in a single day? Not I! Not even on my best, coffee-induced, planting crazed day.

5. Tree and Bush Trimming

Keeping up with tree and bush growth is literally a full time job and can often be dangerous, depending on just how tall your trees or shrubs are. There are also times when certain branches on a large, overhanging tree just have to come off for the safety of your home.

6. Tree Transplanting

Have you ever had to dig up a tree before? Trust me, as someone who has, multiple times, it is a difficult task that is not for the faint of heart.

7. Watering of Large Gardens

Those tomatoes are not going to keep themselves lush and well-watered and besides growing edible plants, there are many ornamental plants that do not do well with the drought-like conditions suffered by many places with hot summers.

8. Mulching

Mulching not only helps retain moisture so that you can cut back on watering…and cut down your water bill, but it is far more pleasing to the eye than the bare ground, protects the soil and its billions of microscopic inhabitants from the sinister rays of the baking sun, and will break down slowly to provide your existing plants with more nutrients.

9. Rose Bush Maintenance

Did you know that keeping your rose bushes flowering at their fullest throughout the summer months involves a massive amount of very particular hand-pruning? If you have a yard full of rose bushes, it can take 15 or so minutes per rose bush per week to keep them flowering at their optimal capabilities. Offload that labor onto a landscaping specialist with rose-pruning experience and save yourself hours of time per week so you can…haha…sit back and enjoy the roses. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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