Okay… I have not been able to accomplish this level of awesomeness with my own meditation balls, but I can tell you that I have felt some of the benefits associated with the regular use of these melodic little balls.

Baoding Chinese Meditation Balls Are Great For Musicians And Writers

  1. People who type a lot and do a lot of very detailed finger movement. I’m a pianist and a writer and sometimes, I get cramps in my hands after typing 3,000 words or playing through the whole of Phantom of the Opera. 
  2. This will help work the kinks out of your hands, loosen those tendons, and relax overtaxed muscles
  3. Helps reduce muscle fatigue. My hands more or less feel like they’re about to fall off on a very active typing/playing day. After a few minutes of warming up to the meditation balls, my hands feel a lot less achy and I often go back to writing or playing after about 15 minutes of using them.

The regular use of Chinese Meditation Balls helps improve movement of the fingers

As long as you get the largest size that you can hold within your palm, you will be getting a natural, but gentle stretch in all parts of your hand. This will help improve your dexterity and keep all parts of your hand and fingers active during the exercise. We don’t often think it is important to stretch or massage our hands, but, people hold a surprising amount of tension here that will receive a gentle massage.

The melodic sound of the Baoding Meditation Balls is soothing and comes in different tones

Exercise is supposed to be multi-faceted, not only targeting your physical form but your mental well-being too. Over the years, I have often used my own set of meditation balls in silence or while listening to one of my instrumental playlists (which is filled with instrumentals from Disney movies, the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack, the Inception soundtrack, among other music). One ball has a high bell-like sound, while the other has a low, gong-like sound. When rotated in a continuous motion, the two tones combine to create a soothing, ambient sort of music.

These are just a couple of things I’ve noticed from my own use of Chinese Mediation Balls. I’m working up to the amazing level of skill of the man in the video.

-Also, be careful not to drop them as they don’t take kindly to contact with surfaces. I only use mine while sitting on the bed or on a rug/carpet. You don’t want to break them as they will a new aspect of peace and relaxation to your everyday life.

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