Blood Lily, Scadoxus multiflorus, is a gorgeous, tropical flowering bulb plant that loves warmth and creates large blooms that look like something from a fantasy novel. You can bring their beauty into your home by growing them as an easy houseplant.

1. Blood Lily Loves Loves Heavy Watering

2. Any Sunny Window Will (Probably) Do

As the Blood Lily tends to thrive best when situated in the shade, it will be quite happy in a sunny, or not-so-sunny window. The goal is to give it plenty of indirect light so as not to burn the leaves, but to also keep it growing and happy.

3. Feeding and Fertilizing Your Blood Lily (Paintbrush Lily)

The Blood Lily is a perennial, flowering plant that will need plenty of soil nutrition in order to create the big, fluffy ball-shaped blooms that it is known for. The more nutrition, the bigger the flowers you can get from your Blood Lily.

4. Try Growing Your Blood Lily In Leca Clay Substrate

As a plant that is water-loving with a robust root system, that is also a bulb plant, it is well-suited to growing in leca clay balls. Growing your Blood Lilies in leca will give you more flexibility on where you can keep this beautiful and bright plant, and may open up the option for floating your blood lilies in hanging planters. Doing so can give you the power to grow a floating meadow of Blood Lilies across the top of your bedroom or kitchen area, wherever you may need the warm redness of these robust blooms.

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