Sweet Flag is a a wonderful plant that gets its common name because of the sweet scent of its rhizomes.

Where To Plant Your Sweet Flag In The Edible Landscape

When growing Sweet Flag, or Acorus Calamus), it is important to know that this is a wetland plant that is commonly found growing in boggy areas or with its root system completely submerged below water in the shallows of a pond or lake.

One of the things that you need to know in order to successfully grow sweet flag is that it is a water loving plant. It will not do well any place where it is too hot and not able to get enough water to keep its root system cool. Therefore when choosing a location for your Acorus Calamus, it is best to mimic its natural growing pattern of being found in a wetland or rain Garden setting. And these areas, the root system will be constantly and consistently wet, and your sweet flag can grow at it’s optimal soil temperature.

So, it is best to plant your sweet flag in the wetland area of a pond. Rain Gardens are also excellent places to add Sweet Flag as they tend to flood during heavy rains, which will allow your sweet flag to get plenty of water in an area that remains moist.

Fertilizing Your Sweet Flag (Acorus Calamus) For Vigorous Growth

When growing sweet flag so that it fills in as quickly as possible, you will want to notice that the Sweet Flag plant does have a very thick rhizome that is good for absorbing a lot of nutrients from the pond or soil where it is growing. With that being said, it is a plant that enjoys being fertilized on a regular basis. It takes a lot of nutrition to grow such thick rhizomes and roots. The best ways to deliver this nutrition is by adding an organic fertilizer to the water that you provide to your sweet flag. And my own edible landscape system, I am growing sweet flag around my duck and fish pond. So that the Sweet Flag is constantly being fertilized by the ways products of the Ducks, fish, and any other mysterious, aquatic creatures that live in the permaculture pond.

How much sunlight does Sweet Flag (Acorus Calamus) need to grow?

After having grown Sweet Flag in both sunny and partially shaded locations, I have discovered that sweet flag will do well in either full sun, partial shade, or in a heavily shaded, forested area. The rule of green thumb is: the more sunlight your sweet flag gets, the more water it will need. So that if you plan on planting your Sweet Flag in full sun, I would stick to planting it beside a pond or other water body, or give it a lot of water manually, with a sprinkler system, or plant it in a rain garden that is already amended with a lot of organic materials and soil so that it can stay continuously moist between natural rainfall.

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