Red Alligator Flag is a great marginal pond plant for erosion control of pond edges

Planting the Red Alligator Flag into the sides of an unlined, natural pond can help to protect your pond’s side from eroding back into the pond, which makes your pond shallower and the pond’s water less clear. This upright plant has a robust roost system that clings onto the soil it is planted in, keeping it well in place despite the rise and fall of the pond’s water level.

It can be planted with its root system a few inches under water or above the water line with its roots growing down into the pond’s side, where it will help to solidify the pond’s wall.

Fertilizing Your Red Alligator Flag Thalia

If your pond plant is being grown in a pond that contains fish or ducks, then there is really no need to fertilize the Red Alligator Flag as it will be able to gather organic nutrients directly from the pond water and the waste of its inhabitants. However, it is helpful to amend the soil if it is poor as compost or worm castings are much better at absorbing the nutrients from the pond water in a way that the Red Alligator Flag will be able to use more quickly, which not only increases the growth rate of your plant, but helps to clean the pond water for the fish or ducks.

Sun or Shade for the Red Alligator Flag

The Thalia geniculata ‘Ruminoides’ will grow quickly in full sun although it will do well with partial shade. This is important to note as adding stability to the sides of your natural pond will require adding many pond plants to the sides and the floor of your natural pond, some of which may add additional shade to your Red Alligator Flag.

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