How Do I Plant Horseradish in a No Dig Food Forest Food Garden?

Despite ALL the advice from Youtube food foresters and food gardeners saying not to plant directly into chipped wood mulch and leaves, I decided to give it a go anyway because… nobody ever learned new things by following what everyone else is doing.

Now, I have tried mixing mulch into the heavy clay soil we have here in Memphis, Tennessee before…with bad results, so why would I do that again?

Because we can never learn new things without pushing the status quo and trying new things, and so… Here we have a demonstration of how to plant horseradish root cuttings in your permaculture food forest.

I did this planting in the off season of winter to give the horseradish plant time to settle into its new place and to grow some roots before the hot season of summer came along.

Stick around for more video and photo updates of how this no dig horseradish planting experiment goes, is going, and progresses.

A Winter Update on How The No Dig Horseradish Planting is Settling Into the Food Forest

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