Growing figs is an easy, rewarding food harvest that will give you the chance to discover for yourself just how sweet and soft figs are supposed to be.

Planting Your Fig Tree & Choosing Your Planting Site

Fig Trees are quite drought tolerant–once established–so in order to ensure your Fig Tree does not wnat for water during the hot summer months, it is best to plant your Fig Tree while it is dormant in the late fall or winter seasons. A soil of average fertility, whether sandy or mostly clay, will work just fine for the Fig Tree which has proven to be able to grow in many conditions due to its fast-growing nature and robust root system.

Fig Trees do need full sun though and will produce leggy, weak branches where they do not receive enough sunlight. This will also effect your tree’s ability to properly fruit and bring those fruit to ripeness.

Figs do not ripen all at once so you may be able to harvest two or so every day or every couple of days. Of course, if you have multiple fig trees, then you may have quite a few figs to harvest everyday from those trees.

Watering Of The Fig Tree

Unfortunately, despite planting your fig tree in a cool season, the hot, dry summers of some places will leave your fig tree wanting for rain or water. Giving your fig tree a good, deep watering at least once a week will help to ensure that it keeps growing at a rapid pace. You can increase your efforts to support the growth of your fig tree by using compost tea or fish waste water for organic fertilization. This will help bring your fruit to the ripened point as it requires a lot of nutrition for your tree to ripen the figs.

How Do I Know When My Figs Are Ready and Ripe?

As shown in the picture, figs’ stems will curve and turn downward when your fig is ready to part with the fig tree. For “open-eye” figs, which are the kind that have a hole in the bottom, it should be very pink. You may see ants crawling on your figs, which means they are so sweet, that they have attracted these annoying, but easy to be rid of pests. A ripe fig is also soft to the touch, so when you reach into your fig tree and give your fruit a gentle squeeze, it should give easily between your fingers.

Viewing Of A Ripe Celeste Fig

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