Where To Plant Your Asian Lemon Bamboo

Asian Lemon Bamboo plants are not known for being particularly cold hardy, since they are generally tropical bamboos, but due to my own experience with zone pushing plants in my permaculture food forest, I was able to keep my Asian Lemon Bamboo plant alive and thriving in zone 7B. I did this by planting it next to my house, by the driveway. These are two important resources to consider for protecting and pushing more cold-tender plants.

For those who are well within the temperature limits of the Asian Lemon Bamboo plant, you will want to plant your bamboo somewhere where it can get some afternoon shade and morning sunlight. Bamboo plants also do very well in the understory of a forest garden, where they can get partial sun throughout the day and thrive in a high humidity environment.

You’ll also want to plant your Asian Lemon Bamboo somewhere where it can get plenty of water, but also where it will have excellent drainage. You can do this by either amending the soil with river rocks, gravel, and good worm compost, or by planting it high, if there is a drainage problem and water pools i the area where you’ve chosen to plant your bamboo.

How To Fertilize Your Asian Lemon Bamboo

Since bamboo plants are incredibly fast-growing and will only grow faster if given plenty of good, organic fertilizer, it is hard to overstate the importance of ending your Asian Lemon Bamboo for fast and exquisite growth. You can use your Asian Lemon Bamboo to practice zero waste soil building practices to give your bq,boo bamboo plant some casual, daily fertilizing, or you can amp things up by using worm compost, fish waste water, or duck pond water for easy and generally, low effort ways to safely keep your Asian Lemon Bamboo plant well-fed.

How To Water Your Asian Lemon Bamboo

As long as your bamboo plant is not sitting in water and is, therefore, not constantly wet, it is nearly impossible to over water a bamboo plant. In fact, giving your bamboo plant a daily dose of water or even watering it once a week on a drip line, will make your bamboo plant it’s happiest. If your Asian Lemon bamboo is planted outside and has adequate drainage, giving it a gallon of water every other day will make for a happy, fast growing bamboo.

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