How Much Light Does a Monstera Deliciosa Plant Need To Thrive?

Despite monstera’s reputation for being an excellent low light plant, I found from my own experience that my monsteras start to look quite sad if left in a low-light situation for too long.

In fact, a lack of light will definitely kill a monstera plant quicker than probably anything else. They do have those big leaves in order to maximize the amount of photosynthesis that the plants can do in order to keep them growing fast and strong. So if you do not have a sunny window for your monstera plant, you should definitely train a grow light in the direction of your plants to supplement for the lack of natural sunlight.

How Much Water Does a Monstera Deliciosa Plant Need To Be Happy?

The monstera is very drought tolerant once established. Those are keywords, once established. This is something to keep in mind for your newly transplanted monstera plants. You need to give them some time to grow some roots and get settled in their new pots. During this time, giving them a little bit of water every couple of days will help them settle in without drowning them.

There is also the option to keep your monstera plants Outdoors during the summer, in which case, I advise putting them into a larger pot so as to maximize the amount of root space the monstera plant has to grow into. This also will act as a place to collect rainwater 4 the monstera plant and reduce the amount of hand watering you will need to do to keep it thriving.

Soil, Nutrients, & Fertilizer For the Monstera

Since the monstera plant is a quick growing, large, vining plant, it needs access to plenty of nutrients in order to maximize and maintain the rate of its growth and to make sure that the plant always has enough nutrition to support itself. Even if it is not in a growth stage, it will need some nutrition to stay alive.

The most natural way to do this that also provides an excellent growing environment for the monstera plant’s roots is to add worm compost to the monstera plant’s pot. Worm compost is not only affordable, but it is also completely organic, holds water well, and allows good airflow which will help plant roots inside of the pot stay healthy and strong.

Plant Support & Vine Training For The Monstera House Plant

Although the monstera is, in fact, a vining plant, you do not necessarily need to have a moss pole or plant trellis in order to keep your monstera healthy and happy.

Although, if you do not provide something for the monstera and it is kept against a wall or anything that it can reach out and grab onto, it will begin to climb anything that is available to it. If this happens, you need not be too worried, because as long as you catch it in its early stages, it’ll be easy to detach your monstera roots from its makeshift tree.

Also, if you provide a planter that is large enough for your monstera plant, the aerial roots that touch down into that pot will eventually root out into the soil and provide additional support to the heavy upper-vine of the plant, as pictured in the photo.

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