How Can Ducks Be Used to Seal A Leaking Pond?

Well, one of the things about nature is that, it always has a solution for every problem, we as humans just have to get out its way and let it happen. There are several animals including pigs, water buffalo, and ducks that have been used historically to seal leaking ponds without the use of any chemicals, artificial pond liners, or store-bought bentonite clay.

For many people, water buffalos are not just walking around the neighborhoods waiting to lend a helping hand with your leaking pond problem, but, even for someone attempting to seal a backyard pond within a city, ducks are an accessible and affordable solution.

Ducks have a sticky excrement that when combined with water, sinks and disperses rather quickly allowing it to be sucked into holes in a pond and mucking them up (think each hole in the pond acts as a drain in a sink or bathtub, drawing water into it with the duck butt mud coming along for the ride.)

The same goes for the pigs and water buffalos, but, naturally, on a larger scale.

So, the more ducks, the faster your pond will get plugged, but it is still possible to fix your leaking pond with a smaller amount of ducks, it’ll just take longer.

The real trick to getting your Indian Runner Ducks to seal your leaky pond is convincing them to stay on it long enough to seal the pond, which will take some time.

How Do I Get My (Indian Runner) Ducks to Stay on the Pond?

Feeding your ducks will encourage them to stay put. They are incredibly food motivated and also need water to help them swallow a lot of drier foods. There are floating duck pellets for a simple option that is readily available during any season.

Ducks also have a fondness for a lot of fruits and vegetables so there are quite a few table scraps that can be thrown to them while they are working on the pond to keep them on it for longer as they eat.

Also, having the water be deep enough for them to properly bathe in will encourage them to spend more time on the pond. This part is tricky for people with ponds that may be well away from a source of running water since the pond might be leaking from the bottom which will drain it rather quickly, making it difficult to keep water in it.

The simplest thing to do would be to wait for it to rain. Of course, this will make the process take longer, but if you are patient or otherwise, in no hurry, you can allow nature to take its own course.

Indian Runner Ducklings Enjoying Strawberries and Beets On A Permaculture Pond

The duck pond fills up using storm rains

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