Is it possible to have too many hobbies? Collecting plants, fish keeping, keeping plants alive, feeding fish, pruning plants. Aren’t these things all sort of the circle of life? The plants providing oxygen to the water so the fish can live and the fish providing nutrients so the plants can thrive?

Let’s delve into it though.

Your Fish Are Providing Excellent, Organic Plant Fertilizer At No Additional Cost

Ditch the filter. By doing water changes on your fish tanks, you can use the collected water to fertilize your plants. This is sort of like aquaponics… except you have to move the water yourself.

The point is…aquaponics is becoming more and more popular for a reason and has its roots in thousands of years worth of history of raising fish and food gardens in an integrated system.

You can harness a little piece of the magic of aquaponics by foregoing the filter and removing water from your aquariums during water change time directly into a watering can or bucket you keep on hand to water–and fertilize– your house plants.

Water Evaporating Off Your Fish Aquariums Will Increase the Humidity in Your Urban Jungle

Of course, keeping tops on your aquariums to keep certain fish from jumping to their doom will reduce this useful quality, but the fact remains that a lot of houseplants are from tropical places and thrive in high humidity environments.

The more water you have evaporating into your urban jungle, the higher the humidity. So, if you are keen on collecting fish and aquarium keeping, it will certainly improve the humidity rather quickly. In some cases, so much so that you might be able to ditch the humidifier, or at least, reduce the frequency that you’ll need to run a humidifier.

Fish Aquariums Make Wonderful Places To Grow More Plants

Hi! Hello! Have you ever heard of a riparium? For those of you who have so many plants at this point that you’d very much like for some of them to water themselves, I have got news for you.

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