1. Bamboo

Nearly impossible to kill and easy to grow, much like a grapevine. It’s also very important to note just how strong bamboo is. If you need something strong, fast-growing, and upright to train your grapevines in a relatively small space, try a dwarf variety of clumping bamboo.

Also, many bamboos produce edible shoots so you’ll get two harvests in the same amount of space while keeping your grapevines safely off the ground.

2. Sugarcane

Delicious and, surprisingly, nutritious. Sugarcane comes in a multitude of colors and even has a few varieties that are known to survive cold winters if mulched heavily and given some protection. Either way, sugarcane plants will give your grapevines a sturdy, edible trellis sure to keep your grapevines well-aerated and well away from any ground-dwelling pests.

3. Ornamental Trees

*coughs* You always need a reason to add a Japanese Maple Tree to your edible landscape.

But whatever tickles your fancy and is a strong, hardwood tree, that can either be pruned to be kept small or is a naturally small tree, try growing it as a trellis.

Not that it’s not possible to use larger trees, but it’ll be harder to harvest your grapes if your grapevine is growing too far away from the ground.

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