1. Stone Bamboo (Phyllostachys Angusta)

Looking for bright, edible companion plant combos? Stone Bamboo and Golden Oregano make a stunning pair. Although the Stone Bamboo shoots are edible, you can leave them alone to harden and then harvest them to make furniture, build catios, or do other fun, crafty stuff.

For the best ornamental effect, leave your bamboo to grow for a couple years to give yourself a nice, wide patch to carpet with the Golden Oregano, and don’t forget to take proper precautions to keep your running bamboo under control, or grow this lovely pair in a giant planter to add some raised levels to your garden or landscape.

In warmer zones, both of these plants remain evergreen so they are also excellent choices for having year-round interest in your garden as well.

2. Hosta Sum And Substance

Big, bold, and bright, Hosta Sum and Substance provides a lovely, leafy background for the Golden Oregano. Did you know that the young Hosta shoots are also cooked like asparagus and eaten as a vegetable? Of course, that might interfere with the absolute beauty of this plant pairing, so why would we eat such a beautiful plant?

3. Hosta Guacamole

The Hosta Guacamole is also a very large and bold hosta, giving contrasting colors and big leaves that will also complement the golden hues of the Golden Oregano.

4. Japanese Sweetflag (Ogon)

Another evergreen plant combo, although I haven’t seen much of this lovely grass myself as my edible landscape ducks like to munch on it, it does make a great texture and color combo with the Golden Oregano. This is a very low maintenance pairing, as the only thing you’ll need to do (eventually) is thin out the plants if the patches are too thick for your liking or are running over each other.

5. Thai Black Banana

A beautiful golden carpet for the dark stems of the bold Thai Black Banana? Yes, I think we will. The large banana leaves provide some shade for the oregano while the oregano sprawls over top of the banana’s root and rhizome area to soften and blend the bold stems into the rest of your landscape.

6. Bonfire Patio Peach Tree

Aiming for a bold contrast? The burgundy beauty of the Bonfire Patio Peach and the bright green of the Golden Oregano make for an interesting, and delicious pairing. This Peach Tree, though often sold as an ornamental, does produce edible fruit, though the peaches are hard like apples, the ones I harvested from my own tree were incredibly sweet.

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