Let’s take a good look at the Giant Leaf Bamboo!

1. Horseradish

When the goal is texture, fast growth, and growing more food to harvest, horseradish does a beautiful job of meeting your needs.

2. Fuyu Persimmon Tree

Fuyu Persimmon Tress have a knack for getting a bit crispy in the summer when the intense sun scorches its leaves. You can provide some shade for your young Fuyu Persimmon Tree(s) by companion planting with the beautiful Giant Leaf Bamboo to grow your persimmon tree faster while creating additional humidity.

3. Wasabi

Since Giant Leaf Bamboo is often used in wetland plantings to help control erosion on riverbanks and ponds, I am under the impression that it would pair very well with Wasabi, which needs shade yearround and must be grown in a bog-style, wet location. Giant Leaf Bamboo will provide the necessary evergreen shade, high humidity, and soil stablization while the wasabi can be grown in the spaces between the bamboo roots.

Just a thought. I’ll be trying this soon in my own edible landscape and will update with my own results.

4. Olive Tree

If your olive tree is in need of a little more protection from the elements, pairing it with the beautiful and tropical-looking Giant Leaf Bamboo will give you an evergreen screen to keep the trunk of your olive tree from freezing during the cold winter months.

5. Strawberries

Strawberries’ ability to run and grow in sun and shade makes them an excellent companion plant for the Giant Leaf Bamboo.

6. Tree Collards

Tree collards need some shade from the hot summer sun but are surprisingly quite tolerant of water-logged soils (in my experience). This makes it a wonderful, edible plant to pair with the upright Giant Leaf Bamboo near a duck or fish pond. 😊

Since these are both high-feeding plants, growing them in the wetlands near a duck or fish pond will help provide adequate watering and around-the-clock organic fertilization to both plants.

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