1. Thai Black Banana

The dark pseudostems of the Thai Black Banana provide an excellent complement to the Dark Star Alocasia and since both are water-loving plants, they can be planted pond-side to help prevent soil erosion on a pond or lake edge.

2. Tea Cup Elephant Ear

Where the Dark Star Alocasia’s leaves are more forward-facing, the Tea Cup Elephant Ear is very upright and can grow up to 6 feet tall. The pictured specimen is also planted pond-side as part of a permaculture duck pond right in the shelf of the pond to help reduce erosion and clean the pond water.

3. Giant Leaf Bamboo (Indocalamus tessellatus)

Though the Giant Leaf Bamboo and Dark Star Elephant Ear top out at about the same height, the Giant Leaf Bamboo can be kept cut short to provide an evergreen ground cover for the elephant ear. Trimmed or untrimmed, bamboo can help zone push your elephant ear if you live in a colder climate outside of the general grow zone of this lovely tropical-looking plant.

4. Beijing Grass (Angel Grass)

Although Beijing Grass is quite edible, it makes a wonderful, brightly colored companion plant for the Dark Star Alocasia. This wonderful ground cover grows to be about a foot high, giving you a highly ornamental grass to soften the ground and add additional texture and color to your garden or landscape.

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