1. Pothos

Pothos comes in 1000 different varieties and all of them will continue growing even when given a minimal amount of sunlight. In fact, some people keep these plants in places where there is no sunlight at all and they will stay alive for a long time. The Pothos is also a popular plant to add to fish aquariums as part of a riparium as it’s fast growing nature and robust systems help to draw lots of nutrients out of the water column in a fish tank.

2. Goat’s Foot (Ipomoea pes-caprae)

Also known as Railroad Vine, Beach Morning Glory, and Bayhops, it is a plant with a thousand names. It’s fitting because he can roll 1000 miles an hour if it is properly fed and given a couple drops of water. It is very drought tolerant and prefers a sandy soil with a lot of aeration for its roots. It needs good sunlight to do well but can be kept alive quite well in a moderately sunny

3. Hoya

Hoyas come in so many varieties, that you can have an entire collection as an urban jungle made solely of these plants. They have many different leaf shapes and textures, do well in a moderately sunny window, and will grow faster given adequate nutrition and water. This popular house plan is also very drought tolerant and can be grown very easily and leca clay balls.

4. Monstera

Monstera is really a monster of a plant. The more you feed it and water it, the faster it will grow. If you want something that will turn an empty room into a jungle within the next growing season, this is a go to plant to make that happen. It’s pretty hard to kill, making it an excellent choice for first time plant people. You can also increase its growth rate with plenty of nutrition and sunlight, although it does pretty well in low light situations too.

5. Sunset Jasmine

Although there are other varities of the Jasmine vine, which is often used as a ground cover in a garden or landscape, this one gives you orange and red tones to add to your urban jungle if given adequate light. Unless like, the Sunset Jasmine will be green and splotchy, although it will continue to grow, it will do so much more slowly than it would in full sunlight.

6. Rhipsalis

Jungle cactuses also come in many different varieties. No they are water loving plants, they are also quite drought tolerant once established. They cascade over the sides of their planters and make great choices for hanging planters to add some greenery to the ceilings and walls of your urban jungle.

7. Dragon Fruit Cactus

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