Keeping up with your 301 house plants can be a true labor of love. Love your house plants more and labor less by adding some of these self-watering gadgets to your urban jungle set-up and grow more plants happily.

1. Blumap Terracotta Watering Spikes

These are an excellent choice for house plant-collecting people with urban jungles who also love fish and have fish tanks. You can use your fish aquariums as the water source of your house plant collections by arranging your plants around your fish tank. This also has the additional benefit of increasing the humidity for your house plants, which they need for optimal growth.

The Blumap Terracotta Watering Spikes are also great for people who collect mugs, vases, and are utterly incapable of throwing away old pickle jars, olive jars, and coffee cannisters. All of these containers can make excellent water vats that will be easy to work into your urban jungle by sitting them directly in the planters, hanging them nearby your house plants and trailing the watering line into them, or squeezing them into that last little space where no plant will fit.

2. Olla Terracotta Watering Pots

If you’re a fan of keeping very large plants in very large planters, olla watering pots are a great choice, especially for large, fast-growing plants that are in need of regular watering. Terracotta watering pots are also most effective when using a liquid plant fertilizer to keep your plants growing at top speed.

3. Terracotta Watering Spikes With Bottles

For people who like to upcycle and need something to do with all those empty, glass bottles just crowding up your cabinets, terracotta watering spikes are a great way to add lovely glass accents to every plant. They can be used with upcycled wine bottles, avocado oil bottles, olive oil bottles. Any glass bottle that has a long neck can be paired with the terracotta watering spike to greatly reduce the labor of keeping up with the watering of your urban jungle as you only need to keep up with refilling the empty bottles.

For larger plants, you can add multiple terracotta plant watering spikes with their glass bottles to really up the whimsy and chaos in your upcycled urban jungle.

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