1. Smoothie Joints and Juice Bars

Probably the most perfect date since you can go on if you are currently doing a juice fast. You can also try this out if you’ve been water fasting but needs a reprieve or are experiencing too many side effects.

2. Coffee and Tea Houses

3. Drinks

Yes, we’ve all been told to never drink on an empty stomach, but I do. It is possible to do this, but you have to be careful about it. When you fast trauma everything you put in your body comes out of it a lot faster than when you’re eating regularly. But, you have to also remember that was nothing in your stomach for the liquor or wine to stick to, you will more sensitive to the effects of liquor. What this means for you is that you can get drunk rather quickly if you do drink while fasting, but you will also sober up a lot faster.

4. Sit and stare over dinner

This is probably one of the weirdest dates, because you will essentially be staring at someone eat while you sip water or drink juice. This can be awkward for a lot of people and can make fasting difficult to watch others eat while you aren’t, but it can be done it. When I’ve done this, even if just having dinner with friends, I’ll drink something of substance, like coffee or tea for smoothies, if they’re available.

5. Movies

An activity that doesn’t involve anyone putting anything in their mouth. Of course, there’s always movie popcorn or candy, but, after you use gain your strength as a faster, it’ll become a lot easier just to say, “No, thanks. I’m fine,” and enjoy your movie.

6. Bowling

If you are a naturally sweaty person… You might sweat double time because of your body being in a state of hyper-detox. No worries! Maybe opt to wear a tank top or a loose shirt to keep yourself cool. Bowling is also one of those activities that is suspiciously hard on the body while still being low-impact to avoid any unfortunate accidents from any lightheadedness you might feel during your fast.

7. Camping

Something I think would make an amazing weekend date, hopefully with someone else who has committed to fasting for the weekend. All you’ll need is water or juice. Depending on what campground you go to, this can open up a wide range of other activities and sports that can be done. I’d hold off  on doing anything too intense if you have not yet gotten accustomed to fasting because an accidental death would possibly ruin your romantic weekend away.

8. Visiting a Garden

Going to a garden has always been a very peaceful experience and can also be enlightening.   plants are like Living Art:  they have color and shape and movement, Grace, light, and shadows, and beauty. Plus, there are sometimes fish  or duck ponds  at the gardens for you to feed. This allows you to spend time together and really talk while you interact with the fish, ducks, or geese, or if you get lucky, there might even be swans. But be careful, though they may be beautiful, swans are very aggressive birds.

9. Art Museum

10. Concert

11. Yoga Retreat

Combine your fast with an emotional cleansing too! Meditation is relaxing for the mind… you could even try Acro Yoga since your tummy will be appropriately empty.

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