Yes, I know matcha is traditionally made with crushed leaves that are whipped into a hot cup of water, but I must say that this tea definitely doesn’t suck. It’s pictures here mixed with milk, but it does have a very intense green color that we associate with Matcha. This tea is actually a blend of Matcha and green tea, and it has a strong, solid taste. It does not however, have the thickness of a traditional Matcha, but what can you expect from steeping tea instead of mixing in the leaves?

I also had this yesterday, sans sugar and milk, still fabulous. But you have to remember with tea not to steep it too long. I steeped this one for about 2 minutes with water I brought to a boil. 2 and a half minutes might be the maximum of steeping time for this tea, because any longer and you might end up with something bitter that will either be hard to stomach, or you’ll be tempted to sweeten (not that there’s anything wrong with sugar or honey. Just go organic on both.)

So, with all that said, this will become a regular in my cabinet because the taste is just a little bit addictive. ??

You can order this tea here.


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