Newly Transplanted Wasabi ( Wasabia Japonica ‘Daruma’ aka Japanese Horseradish) Plant Growing In The Edible Landscape/Food Forest Beneath The Duck House Ramp

How To Grow Wasabi In The Edible Landscape

Can wasabi rhizomes be successfully grown in an edible landscape or food forest setting? Here, we go on another food-growing adventure, using quackponics--food forest duck fertilization-- among other organic, pesticide, and chemical-free methods to grow the amazing wasabi rhizome.

Tips For Training Your Ducks To Use A Coop Ramp

It has been along, tiring journey of chasing down insolent Indian Runner Ducks, hopping plants, sliding in mud, and generally being frustrated about the ducks' resistance to walking the ramp up into the duck house. Part of what made this
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