1. Storage Baskets

Who has time to truly put away a thousand cat toys every day? For a quick clean-up when guests are coming to visit, keeping a large storage basket makes for an easy way to hide your cats’ funtime accessories, quick, fast, and in a hurry. If you use open storage baskets for this task, the cats will be able to jump in them to retrieve toys whenever they want and once there are too many toys on your floor again, toss them back in the basket.

2. The Floating Book/DVD/Video Game Shelf

I installed multiples of these so that my cats would be able to reach their cat perches, which I had installed up high. This makes it possible to put the corner cat perches somewhere where they won’t be in the way of people walking by, while giving the cats someplace up high to lounge. I put books on the shelves to fill them in and make the “floating stairs” they create more stable, but things like your old DVD collection, CD collectionsm or magazines can also work. You’ll just have to make sure they fit snuggly so they feel stable to the cats when they are walking or lounging on top.

I also recommend putting a pillow or something on top of your magazines or books if your cats are the kind that like to claw everything or your books will be looking very raggedy very soon.

3. The Over-The-Door Hanging Hooks

Perfect for folks who want easy, quick, low-mainteance storage.

The best way to keep cats away from things that you don’t want damaged is to put them out of reach.

Over-The-Door coat racks are also perfect for hanging feathered cat toys or cat bells on, for cats who prefer batting toys back and forth.

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