Let’s take a look at what we’re planting (or have planted already!)

1. Hosta Guacomole

Shade-loving with a fair tolerance for sunlight, the Hosta Guacomole has a coloring that is highly complimentary to the olive and yellow hues of the tall-growing Stone Bamboo. As your Stone Bamboo gets more established, it will cast a lovely, dappled shade to give the Hosta Guacomole the perfect amount of cover from the sunlight.

As Hosta plants also spread, you’ll have a hosta patch that grows as your Stone Bamboo grows, though not with the same vigor and speed. This means you’ll be able to split your hosta every few years as you do maintenance to keep this beautiful and useful running bamboo under control or add a variety of companion plants to create a balanced, perennial garden with a whole host of colors and textures.

2. Hosta Sum and Substance

Hosta Sum and Substance is one of the larger, giant hostas, which is just fine for Stone Bamboo which can grow up to 25 feet tall in good soil where the winters aren’t too harsh. On the sunnier side of your bamboo plant, Hosta Sum and Substance can shine, softening the bright, hard culms of Stone Bamboo and adding color and contrast while also protecting the soil from harsh sunlight. Hosta Sum and Substance makes a great border plant to mark the edge of where you’d like your Stone Bamboo to end, giving you a lovely visual reminder of where to prune your bamboo patch.

3. October Glory Maple Tree

When your goal is to have a perennial garden with some of the largest, most stunning plants with intriguing color contrasts, the October Glory Maple Tree will certainly compete–and complement–the olive tones of Phyllostachys Angusta. Given enough time, your October Glory Maple will create a lovely, shady canopy and push the Stone Bamboo into more of a midground plant, if you grow this bamboo in front of your October Glory Maple. Grown as a background plant, Stone Bamboo makes an excellent green fence and a beautiful background plant for the red and orange colors of the October Glory Maple Tree.

4. Golden Oregano

Looking for something a little more subtle but filled with color and texture? The Golden Oregano creates a glowing carpet of hilly leaves that, in mild grow zones, can be evergreen. Given that Stone Bamboo is also reliably evergreen in zones 6 and up, it will create a tall-growing microclimate that can provide enough protection to keep the Golden Oregano green throughout the winter.

Golden Oregano is also surprisingly shade-tolerant, giving it the ability to create a meadow-esque planting pair with Stone Bamboo that softens and shades the ground beneath and around the bamboo plant. Golden Oregano like more common Oregano, can also be used to season foods and the shoots of Stone Bamboo are edible. This makes these lovely companion plants excellent choices for an edible landscape or food forest.

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