1. Pineapple Plant

Pineapple plants are very enduring, fast-growing plants that will do well in a leca planter that is more short and wide than tall. This keeps the leca clay balls nice and loose, allowing pineapple plant’s small root structure to grow quickly into the leca and produce a large plant in a matter of months (during its growing season).

2. Pitcher Plant

Pitcher plants are often grown in sphagnum moss, another loose, airy soil-substitute and do equally well in leca, as long as it is kept well-watered and in a sunny window. You will be rewarded with a strong, robust plant that pitchers well and catches its own “fertilizer”.

3. Pothos

The pothos house plant comes in many patterns and colors and is a staple of any plant parent’s plant collection. Being both tolerant of some overwatering and able to withstand drought, it is easily adapted to growing in leca and makes an excellent plant to start your leca clay ball journey with if you haven’t yet done so.

4. Sansevieria Snake Plant

Snake plants will survive most anything but overwatering. This makes them excellent candidates for a leca semi-hydroponic set-up which ensures that air gets to the roots of the plant and is easy to pour out if you make the mistake of adding too much water.

Growing a snake plant using passive-hydroponic leca in a glass vase will allow you to eyeball when your snake plant is in need of a few drops of water.

5. Monstera Deliciosa | Swiss Cheese Plant

Monstera is another popular beginner plant for its reputation of being easy to grow and hard to kill. Due to its thick, vigorous root structure, it does amazing in leca clay balls which will keep your houseplant from becoming far too heavy to move as your monstera takes off.

6. Old Man Cactus

A cactus that truly does not wish to be handled, planting your Old Man Cactus in leca will be an uncomfortable experience, but once its in there, you are sure to have a wonderful houseplant that is ridiculously adorable while also giving out “I will stab you if you touch me” energy.

7. Pepperomia

8. Burro’s Donkey Tail

Burro’s Donkey Tail is a fast-growing, robust, large, trailing cactus that will eventually vine and cover most any container it is grown in. It is also susceptible to death by overwatering, which makes growing it in leca an excellent choice to help counter those of us who may have a heavy watering can hand.

9. Alocasia

Alocasias are quick-growing, forgiving plants that are enjoyable to watch sitting on a windowsill with the window open as it sways in the breeze. They also make great beginner plants for plant parents starting on their leca clay ball journey who want something strong, fabulous, and easy to grow.

10. Philodendron

Philodendron is another houseplant that is popular for being available in many colors and leaf patterns, being affordable, and being easy to grow. Oh, and also being effortlessly fabulous. Growing vining plants like this philodendron in leca allow them to be showcased in hanging planters that don’t way a thousand pounds.

11. Zizi & Zenzi

The Zizi and its smaller, bushier variety, Zenzi, both have robust, thick root systems that will tolerate both, under- and overwatering…not that any of us should overwater this lovely, easy-to-care for plants. *coughs*

If you’re trying leca clay balls for the first time, you cannot go wrong with either buying a bareroot zizi or zenzi and planting it in leca, or converting a houseplant you already have to leca. The zizi/zenzi will forgive you easily and will absolutely thrive regardless of whether you forget about it or give it a little too much attention.

12. Bamboo

When you’re wanting to grow big, big, BIG plants in containers that are low and long rather than tall, Giant Leaf Bamboo and Stone Bamboo are two great options that will look beautiful in your urban jungle or as stand-alone plant features in any office or living room.

Bamboo’s fast-growing nature makes it excellent for growing in leca clay balls because it can be maintained by watering and fertilizing every time it is in need of water. To keep your bamboo looking its best, try using fish water as an organic plant fertilizer.

13. Crinum Lily

14. Sunset Jasmine Vine

15. Banana

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