There has never been a plant lover who wouldn’t love something to add to their plant collection. Whether that be…there are so many choices. Check out this list of gifts for plant lovers that run the gamut from the most modern and classic of planters to clever plant technology that is truly out there.


1. Terrariums make great gifts for plant lovers

Terrariums are not only beautiful, but they also serve the very functional plant purpose of helping to maintain plant humidity. Have a friend or foe who loves air plants? Pitcher plants? Venus fly traps? Terrariums are perfect for these humidity-loving…

2. Watering stakes? Absolutely.

What are these cute little devices for? Watering stakes for plants are filled with water and stuck into the surrounding soil of a potted plant in order to release water directly into the root zone over a period of time. The larger the watering stake usually means the more days it’ll water the plants. This reduces the amount of labor needed to keep up with the watering of potted plants and can also serve the purpose of acting as plant sitter if a plant parent wants to go on vacation for a few days.

Either way, watering stakes can be made from glass, plastic, or terracotta and come in many beautiful designs that add color and additional cheer to potted plants. As such they make wonderful gifts for plant parents that can be used year round inside the home and in the outdoor garden.





3. Planters

3. Planters? Always!

You can never go wrong by presenting a plant parent with a planter. There are so many choices here so let’s get into some of those options, plus, I have never heard a plant parent say, “I just have too many planters and don’t need any more!”


Hanging Planters Maximize Plant Space By Making Your Plants Defy Gravity

Hanging planters add an instantaneous level of plant freedom to any urban jungle or outdoor garden setup. They are also great for people who have cats or dogs who are always trying to take a little nibble out of plants that may be toxic to them.

The Modern Planter




The Cute Animal Planter

There are fox planters, elephant planters, dog planters, frog planters. Something for any plant lover who also loves animals.


The Window Planter


The Wall Planter




4. Bud Vases for the Propagating Plant Parent

Never stop propagating. That’s the motto of the plant parent. Help your favorite plant parent or yourself along with a beautiful bud vase for your propagating cuttings.

5. The Perfect Pruners

Every plant lover or gardener needs…several pairs of pruners. Which make great keepsakes for a plant loving parent to pass to a child at a certain age. Also, there is always something that needs pruning and a pair of pruners hung on a lanyard make a very convenient and cute way to always keep them pruners on you!

6. A Fancy Watering Can

For the plant parent who likes to add some pizzaz to their plant setup, having a beautiful watering can not only provides a way to water plants, but can also second as part of a collection or a center piece for the urban jungle.

7. Rain Boots

Maybe gardeners can’t stand the rain, but rain boots can! Rain, mud, sleet, and snow are no match for a good, sturdy pair of rain boots, and even sans inclement weather, gardens and landscapes can be very wet places not suitable for sandals or other, less waterproof types of footwear.

So help your favorite gardener protect their feet–in fashion–of course.

8. Garden Clogs

Since the warm season is the main season for all the planting, watering, pruning, and mulching, some of us who food forest and spend time in the garden need shoes a little less….warm… to be comfortable during the long hours in the hot summer heat.

Garden clogs are not only water-resistant but tend to be a lot less hot than other gardening geared shoes. So if you’re looking for something that will get everyday wear for your gardening buddy, you can never go wrong with a pair of garden clogs.

9. Plant Stands

With a vast variety of materials and styles, ranging from metal and intricate to wood and bold, plant stands help give plants some lift and…keep them away from curious pets and off of floors that might be damaged by leaking pots.

They also add a certain something to any space and allow a plant to instantly become a focus piece, or an array of plants to become an eclectic jungle of leaves and “hardscaping”.

10. Leca Balls

Stay with me here. Leca balls act as a soil-substitute for plants in a semi-hydronponic set-up. So, if you know someone who has been complaining about how their plants seem to pull dirt out of the sky to dirty up their homes, this might be a wonderful surprise for your dirt-hating friend to try.

11. A Plant Shelf

Know someone who is TRULY a plant collector and is running out of floor, desk, dresser, and counter space? Help them upgrade their urban jungle and show off their plants in a new setup.

12. Plant Ceiling Hooks

Looking for something super affordable that packs a punch? Well, look no further. Plant hooks actually come for ceiling mounting and wall-mounting depending on what you’re looking for, but either choice makes for a great way to keep plants for people who have curious cats, dogs, or even children who are always nibbling on things that are not quite edible.

Either way, adding hanging plants to any space can instantly add a tropical feel to the home or office.

13. Glass Spray Bottles

For the plant parent who cannot stop misting their beloved plant friends. Glass spray bottles add class and fanciness to a small, but useful object that is used regularly by a lot of plant lovers as part of the plant care routine. For when you want to keep it simple, but not, a glass spray bottle will serve the purpose!

14. A Beautiful Step Ladder

Step ladders can serve as plant stands or… for their original intended use to reach things in high places like… hanging plants or plants kept on high shelves.

15. A Pair of Overalls

Gardeners never have enough pockets to shove trowels and pruners and cuttings as they walk through their gardens. Level up their garden game by finding a pair of super cool overalls in their favorite color. The more pockets the merrier!

16. A Plant From Their Plant Wishlist

There are some plant parents who never stop collecting plants and have plant wish lists a literal mile long. That is one of the beauties of being a plant lover, there is always a new plant being discovered or being created through selective breeding and that is why there is no other delight like receiving a so-longed for plant to add more greenery to the scenery.

17. A Pond

You can literally order a pond on the internet nowadays. So if you’re looking for something a little on the extravagant side for the extra special gardener in your life, perhaps this is just extra enough to show them just how much you adore them.

Of course, if you want to go the EXTRA extra mile, you can consult with a landscaping company who does pond installs to get something custom built, with rock installs, additional hardscaping, waterfalls, you name it! And then, you can even add koi or fancy goldfish to give your gifted pond that last one-two punch.

18. A Greenhouse

Greenhouses help overwinter plants that might not be particularly cold hardy and also help gardeners to start plants earlier in the season when the weather has not quite decided it wants to be consistent and warm just yet. 

As greenhouses range from being hard and acrylic, soft and plastic, beautiful and glass… you’ll have so many things to choose from depending on your price range or… depending on however much you like the plant person you’re choosing a greenhouse for!

19. A Composting Bin

Lots of plant lovers are or become obsessed with composting at one time or another. And why not? After you really start collecting plants, buying soil every 5 minutes gets old…and expensive. 

So give a gift that helps your plant-loving loved one save some money so they can…grow more–and better– plants!

20. Reusable Seed-Starting Trays

Why not protect the Earth and give your loved one something they can use again and again? Buying plastic seed-starting trays gets old real quick so this cute, little gift is small but will be well-loved and well-used.

21. A Bottle Cutter or Glass Cutter

For the crafty plant-keeper who likes to recycle. All those old wine and olive oil bottles can become additional planters to further extend the plant collection.

22. A Humidifier

The natural humidity in most homes is not conducive to maximizing plant growth. So if you have a plant parent friend who loves blasting the AC or heat, they might be in need of putting some moisture back in the air for their plant friends.

Humidifiers come in so many different designs nowadays that there is sure to be one that is not only very attractive, but blends in well with whatever decor might be going on in your plant parent friend’s living space.

23. A Machete

For the food forest, edible-landscape-growing gardener to make maintaining larger, wilder gardening spaces more manageable, while adding a little more excitement and danger to the day.

24. The Garden Colander

It’s perfect for gardeners with edible landscapes or flower gardens to collect cut flowers or persimmons, take them indoors, sit them in the kitchen sink, rinse them off, and let the colander hang to dry. Super easy, convenient, and will become a gardening favorite for the gardener who never has enough hands or pockets during the raspberry harvest.

25. Grow Lights

For people who may not have the sunniest windows in their homes or apartments, grow lights help to support plant growth and can also add a ton of je ne sais quoi to any home atmosphere as they come in different colors.

A simple, but absolutely necessary gift for the plant parent who needs a little additional light for plants that might be struggling towards the sun.

26. The Pick Ax

Another game-changer for the landscaper or gardener in your life. For anyone who does a lot of digging, trying a pick ax or garden pick will make making holes and planting an entire field of flowers a joy.

27. The Whetstone aka Sharpener Stone

The thing most gardeners or plant lovers didn’t even know they needed, until you, oh blessed one who is so thoughtful, brought this simple, eternally useful tool into their lives.

Whetstones are used to sharpen the edges on shovels, gardening sickles, machetes, knives, gardening hoes, and other cutting or sharp edges. The difference between having a gardening hoe that is freshly sharpened versus one that is dull will instantly improve the experience of weeding and removing unwanted plants during gardening.

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