15 Fruit Trees (& Shrubs) That Make Fabulous House Plants


Not everyone owns land or lives in a house to put those long-coveted fruit trees they've been staring at in the ground. But don't you worry because many fruit trees do just fine in containers and can even grow fruit indoors, making them an edible part of your urban jungle, a center piece of your interior design, or ... a green home accent in any part of your home.


Olive Tree

Beautiul, dark leaves, textured, gnarled trunks, and yummy, healthy olives? How can one go wrong with an olive tree? With them being native to the mediterranean they are also known for their drought tolerance. I recommend companion planting with rosemary or santolina to round out your housplant with something equally tolerant of drought that'll also provide something for you to cook with, or just add a pleasant aroma to your home. 

Dwarf Peach Tree

Beautiul, ovalesque leaves and delicious, sweet fruit. Fast-growing and just an overall attractive tree. Peach trees make excellent house plants. Just sit it right in a sunny window and watch it take off. Peach trees seem to be remarkably tolerant of poor soils, so heavy fertilizer won't be necessary to keep your tree growing and healthy. Plus, there are so many different kinds of peaches that you'll be sure to find one that suits your taste, and your interior design goals.

Pomegranate Tree

Easy to care for. Hard to kill. Drought tolerant and, despite what others may think, I've also found pomegranate trees to be extremely difficult to kill from overwatering too. These aspects make pomegranate trees not only beautiful additions to your home, but great starter plants for people who are just beginning their urban jungle journeys and are fledgling gardeners. 

Fig Tree

No, I don't mean the super popular house plant, the fiddly leaf fig, I mean a fig tree that grows actual fruit for eating. Fig trees are super aesthetic trees that hail from the mediterranean, fast growing, and easy to prune. You can also use your prunings to equally as equally start new fig trees. 

Fig trees have large, textured leaves, are drought tolerant while also difficult to overwater. As someone who has kept fig trees in planters without drainage, sometimes outside where the fig trees can get plenty of sunlight...and also plenty of rain, I've sometimes neglected to go tip the extra rain out of those containers. For days at a time. 

Sometimes, I watered my fig trees to the point that they were flooded on purpose, to make sure they could withstand overwatering. None of them died. So I'm comfortable with saying that, for us heavy-handed people who show our plants a little too much attention, the fig tree might just be for you.

Avocado Trees

One of the easiest fruiting trees to start from seed. Growing avocado trees this way is fun and very rewarding, but... a fruit tree from seed will take a long time to fruit, so I don't recommend that if getting avocados is your goal. 

But anyways...

Though avocados themselves have a shelf life of .000004 seconds, the avocado trees themselves are super easy to grow. Despite many accounts of them needing a lot of sunlight to live, I've grown some in my own home in shaded windows (from trees and covered porches). 

Weeping Persimmon Tree

What a WEIRD, yet delightful looking tree. Weeping Persimmon Trees are very columnar and have beautiful, dark green foliage perfect for putting in a sunny corner of your home. They have sort of a shaggy appearance sure to bring a certain je ne sais quoi to any interior urban jungle or will even serve as a statement plant. It will be sure to draw attention and questions from any one who sees it. 

Kumquat Tree

Kumquat trees are naturally compact, wonderfully evergreen and produce a fruit with an edible skin. If you love fruit that can be eaten straight off the tree, then the kumquat might just be for you. Being citrus trees, many people would not be able to have thse frost-tender trees if not for them being particularly well-suited to keeping in planters. 

Lemon Tree

Who doesn't love lemonade? Who doesn't use lemons for... something? Lemons are an extremely versatile fruit that is used so often in cooking and making beverages that being able to grow them at home becomes extremely convenient. As lemons are a part of the citrus family, they also have bright, waxy leaves that make for very attractive trees. 

Ice Cream Bean Tree

A fast growing tree that produces pods with a fluffy, edible pulp that tastes like vanilla ice cream, ice cream beans are rich in nutrients, sweet to the taste, and just really cool looking. The trees themselves also have bright green leaves that make them wonderful to observe as you wait for your bean harvest. 

Ice Cream Bean Trees are easy to start from seed and can grow to fruiting size within three years. Growing them from seed means that you can have a ton of new house plants at a low cost that will eventually produce food for you. Since these seeds sprout so easily, growing them also makes for a fun gardening project to do with children who will be able to observe a lot of new growth in a short amount of time, keeping them engaged, active, and committed to keeping their ice cream bean trees alive and thriving. 

Orange Tree

I'd argue that oranges are probably one of the most popular fruits in America, as I think most people consume oranges or orange products in some fashion at some point in their lives. With many dwarf varieties of orange trees being sold by fruit tree shops like Fast Growing Trees and Stark Bros., you will have very few worries about your orange tree ever outgrowing your home. 

Not only do they have the lush green foliage of citrus trees, but the bright fruits will put a smile on your face as you see them start to plumpen and sweeten up, adding a pop of color to your living space. It never hurts to liven up your home with plants that not only provide food, but beauty, the majesty of the orange tree is not be looked over when choosing a fruit tree for your home. 

Grape Vine ๐Ÿ‡ ๐Ÿ‡

Native to the mediterranean, grape vines will grow in most any soil as long as it isn't too heavy for the roots to grow through. They are beautiful and the grapes you grow can be made into wine, jam, eaten fresh, frozen, or juiced. 

You can also use your prunings to start new grape vines to increase your crops. I did this by sticking them into the ground during the winter and waiting for spring, but it can also be done by water propagation or by sticking cuttings into planters with soil, keeping them damp for a couple months. 

Goji Berry

A lofty, leafy sort of shrub sure to spread quickly and grow with gusto even in the poorest of soils. Goji berries are high in antioxidants and the best way to get them at the most affordable cost is to grow them yourself. But no worries, they're easy to grow and hard to kill, making them a delight to add to your fruit-bearing urban jungle. You can also freeze or dry part of your harvest so you can enjoy your goji berries year round. 

Banana Plant ๐ŸŒ ๐ŸŒ

Often called a banana tree, bananas don't actually grow on trees. It's easy to be mistaken because of just how large a banana plant hand gets when grown in the correct setting. But besides all of that classification stuff, the important thing the point now is how absolutely fabulous banana plants are. 

They come with different designs on their leaves ranging from spots to stripes, depending on what type of banana plants you get. There are even some varieties that have different colors in their leafy trunks. They grow well in containers and can be stuck directly in your sunniest window. 

Keep some compost tea on hand to water them with to keep them growing at top speed to have the most delightful experience with your banana plants. 

Blackberry Bush

I would be remiss if I didn't mention such an easy to grow, fruit bearing shrub. Though blackberries are actually made up of several canes that branch out to create fruit bearing limbs, they are still categorized as  shrubs for whatever reason.

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Moving on from my confusion about why blackberries are even labeled shrubs; blackberry bushes definitely fall under the category of "will grow itself as long as you give it water".


To give you an even better idea of how durable blackberry bushes are, I recently took some blackberry cuttings from one of my own blackberry bushes to propagate new bushes. In about a week, some of these blackberry cuttings had already started growing roots. For anyone who has ever tried propagating by cuttings before, you will know from experience that this is an extremely short amount of time to wait for roots to form for any plant. This is just an example of how willing blackberries are to grow and how they can make excellent starter plants to your indoor fruit plant collection.


Raspberry Bush

The cost of raspberries in the grocery stores seems to never stop going up. What also never seems to change? How delicious and healthy raspberries are. Why deny yourself something that tastes good and also helps to keep you healthy? Get a couple raspberry bushes and you'll be able to grow enough raspberries to eat some fresh, and freeze some for later. In this way, you'll always have plump rapsberries grown with care and love right in your home. 

Not that raspberries need a lot of care. Because they don't. In fact, all they really need is an annual pruning to keep them producing several pounds of fresh raspberries every year. 

There is even a dwarf variety of raspberries bushes called the Raspberry Shortcake which has been specially selected and cultivated for its smaller size and sweeter berries. The Raspberry Shortcake raspberry bush is an especially excellent choice for keeping in a large planter and having fresh raspberries growing in your own home.
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