How to Root Cuttings In Leca FastHow to Root Cuttings In Leca Fast

1. Plant Ceiling Hooks

I’d argue that ceiling hooks for plants is the most flexible way to create an urban jungle overnight without sacrificing any floor space and the vibe of having plants hanging overhead in your living space is beyond compare. There’s also the wonderful way that having plants that hang from a bunch of ceiling hooks softens the ceiling and gives a different sort of depth to a bedroom or bathroom. Something about those overhanging plants drops you right into a warm and mystical jungle filled with all of your favorite house plants.

2. Wall Hooks For Adding Plants Tetris-Style To Your Walls Instead of Paintings

For those who may not like plants hanging directly overhead, you can try a similar concept but on the wall. Hanging your plants like little living works of art provides a very flexible option that also doesn’t take up precious floor space. You can even use these spaces to grow edible plants that thrive in more shady conditions if you aren’t planning on installing a thousand and one grow lights.

3. Stacking Furniture

Come on, now, it’s like the plant version of a floor to ceiling bookcase, but instead of collecting books, you’re filling your shelves with books. This concept works well for stacking nightstands with empty spaces for “baskets”, as those empty spaces can be filled with plants and the drawers can be…filled with more plants! 😈😈😈😈

4. Floating Shelves

5. Kokedama Moss Ball Plants Tend To Take Up A Lot Less Space Than House Plants Traditionally Planted In Planters

Less dirt. Less space.

6. “Stacking” Plants By Perching Smaller Plants In the Planters Of Larger Plants

7. Plant Rows

8. Shoving Plants Into the Nooks and Crannies

You know those empty spots where literally nothing else can go? Well, plants can! And plants will! Especially in the sunnier spots which won’t require the additional efforts of figuring out where to add grow lights, but don’t let a lack of sunlight stop you as those nooks and crannies can be doubly filled with tiny grow light bulbs on tiny lamps to light up those otherwise forgotten about corners.

9. Window Planters That Actually Stick TO The Window…Or Door…Or Mirror

You ever tried to grow your window blinds? I promise you, it is fabulous, green, luscious, and worth the effort. Create a green window of all your favorite plants by playing tetris with window planters. They have some with suction cups and there are even some that come with adhesives that stick to the window. There is also the option to use those handy dandy command strips if you’re feeling up for something even more creative.

10. The Curtain Rod and Hooks

Now, to be technical, you don’t have to use an actual curtain rod. You can tweak this look by using a bamboo pole, an industrial pipe, a wood rod, it’s certainly up to you what sort of material you like, but, you do want to keep in mind that a lot of hooks are not large enough to go over a super large bamboo pole (which vary wildly in sizes). Of course, you can tweak this concept by using kokedamas and strings instead of hooks and hanging planters.

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11. The Living Doorway Curtain

For people who need a little green right in the way of everything. The Living Doorway Curtain is one of the most fabulous, living room separators I’ve personally ever seen. It works well with bushy, vining plants and shrubby, thick plants like Zizis or Snake plants, which, also will survive low light conditions if your Plant Curtain isn’t particularly close to a window or is not lit with grow lights.

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