10 Creative Planters That Work Beautifully With Your Leca Semi Hydroponic Plants

Live. Love. Leca. As we say here on Home Is a Jungle! Here is a list of beautiful leca plant ideas that you can use to green up your own urban jungle. 
A brasil philodendron growing in leca in a cast iron tea pot

1  Teapot Planters with Leca

Well, I had to do something to excuse the purchase of a teapot every other year. People say nobody needs that many teapots. I say, YES, WE DO. Now, you can put that teapot collection to beautiful use by planting something into it.

2.  Window Planters

Afraid of overloading your window planters? Say no more. You can have the chic and glassy look of window planters without fear of adding too much weight to the suction cups.

Plus, if you get one of the clear window planters like I did, you can look at the roots of your plants as they fill in. This is a set-up perfect for us overwaterers as you'll be able to see when you've added enough water and therefore, you'll know when to stop.  This particular set-up is great for plants that don't a lot of water anyway as the window planter does come with drainage holes. 

Click here to buy the window planter in the photo. 
A ponytail palm seedling planted in leca in an acrylic window planter

3  Hanging Planters

Forgo the hanging planters with the drainage holes and free yourself from the fear of damaging your beautiful floors by going with leca. There's also the added benefit of putting less weight on the 210 ceiling and wall hooks you've already put up for your plant collection.

If you're like me and not committed to checking water levels, just plant water-loving plants into your hanging planters and free yourself from the worry of drowning your green babies. Try some elephant ears or banana plants with a good plant nutrient solution to keep them growing at an exciting speed.

4.  Vases

I never thought I'd be a person who'd fall in love with vases. Before switching some plants to leca, I found vases difficult to keep plants alive in with the lack of air and drainage holes to counter my overwatering tendencies. Now, with leca replacing the planting medium of traditional soil, theplant roots always have plenty of air available. I can now make use of vases that before were just sitting on counters and dressers or... slowly drowning my plants and thus, I have grown my urban jungle. 

Vases also add a glassy, classy, elegant touch to your interior design that is hard to argue against. 

5  Recycled Candle Jars

Yes, this is a candle jar I bought from Bath & Body Works on a Halloween candle sale in the year of our lord and savior 2019. After you remove the wax, you now have an empty vessle to fill with joy...and leca...and also plants. Candle jars come in many shapes and sizes, giving you a lot of options that are environmentally friendly for your future plant arrangements. Two green thumbs up for adding more plants to your plant collection while also being kind to the planet. 

Watch this video here to learn how to remove the remaining candle wax from your candles so that you can recycle them into planters.

6.  Recycled Wine and Liquor Bottles

The name of this game is how can I turn anything that can hold water into a planter. Your wine and liquor bottles...and of course, other glass bottles, will not be spared from being converted to planters. This can be accomplished by either drilling large holes into the bottles and planting direclty into that hole, or by learning how to cut bottles and cutting off the tops. 

Here is a great video for bottle cutting.

And here is a video for how to drill a hole in [a] glass (bottle)
an alocasia growing in leca in a small yellow pot

7  Tea & Coffee Mugs

Like any sane coffee or tea-drinking person, I'm sure you have about 35 mugs. I'm sure I've never met a person who drinks tea or coffee who didn't collect coffee mugs on purpose or by receiving a ton of gifts. Either way, most people don't need to have so many coffee mugs in their cabinets. 

8.  The Lunch Box

Okay, 90's kids. I know most everyone had one of these growing up. They were affordable, kept you from crushing your peanut butter and jelly sandwiches into a disgusting mush, and also stood up to being tossed carelessly as children are wont to do. All of that is in the past. Today, we are plant parents always looking for new planters to move our little plant children into, and I'm telling you, those lunch boxes that have been collecting dust in the darkest part of your closet have found a new purpose. 
A succulent ponytail palm planted in leca clay balls in a recycled jar

9  Food Bowls...and other bowls

This is actually a Japanese Tea Bowl, which falls somewhere between being a coffee or tea mug and a food bowl, but... it still manages to get the point across, doesn't it? Plus, there are some pretty fancy serving bowls out there just waiting to grace your kitchen table year round after you decide to plant something beautiful and perky right in the middle of your table. 

Plus, bowls come in so many materials that finding something to your liking is always possible. Another plus is that they make great places to grow herbs or spreading plants as they have an open top that allows plants to spread easily while also keeping them contained in something that's easy to move.

10.  Tealight Candle Holders

A vase is a vase is a vase by any other name. If it can hold water...and leca, I'm planting into it. No container formed against me shall be left unplanted. A tealight holder is basically a vase for candles! Or so I will tell myself. Honestly, if they weren't labeled, who would even know the difference? 

Tealight holders tend to be glass or ceramic with beautiful designs that, if actually used for burning a candle, cast beautiful designs of light and shadow in the environment where the candle is being burned. For the happy plant parent, this means that you too get to enjoy those beautiful designs as the leca peeps in and out of elegant designs. 
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